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4.15.18 I just did a search on some of my paperback books and Amazon is running some kind of sale where a book is priced as low as $2.93 with free shipping, as long as one has a Prime membership. Apparently they can't sell them fast enough. Meanwhile, anyone who sees the list price posted with a Kindle listing is asked to compare the prices between the paperback and the file. It's apple and oranges as far as I am concerned. And I haven't seen any sales since mid-March. I don't know what's going on with them.
     Doing my taxes right now, along with rearranging my files. I'll update you on upcoming books later. ♦

3.14.18 I am reminded that this is PI Day, which is any day containing the numerals 3 and 14. It stands for π, the factor used to compute the circumpherence of a circle. But by circumstance today is also the day that Sir Stephen Hawking (1942-2018) died at the age of 76. Hawking was a theoretical physicist who unlocked the secrets of black holes and united their effects with the theory of general relativity as documented by Albert Einstein. He said that the heart of any galaxy in the universe is a supermassive black hole. He wrote several books, including A Brief History of Time, a book designed for laymen. His latest work was exploring the concept of "dark matter" and "dark energy", the properties of which are yet to be defined. He was diagnosed with amyolateral sclerosis (ALS) when he was 21 and was given 2.5 years to live. Instead, he and his family decided to fight it, and he lasted another 55 years. He had an ever effervescent wit and sense of humor, and despite the effects of the disease, managed to continue to teach and work on his favorite subject. ♦

3.13.18 A difference made. Finally, I retired the order form I had posted in case there were any credit card orders from people who did not like to use PayPal. It turns out that PayPal is perfectly fine for everyone. There was also the risk of the form being intercepted between the buyer and Antellus® by those wanting to farm the form for data, though there was little sign that this was happening. It was an experiment which saw little to no results, so I have shed it. Anyone wanting to deal by credit card can just contact me and negotiate by email. I have seen it work for other sites, so no more cumbersome forms. I have simplified the Buyer's Info page to reflect the removal of the form.
     You will also notice that the product pages are now simpler to see, and I plan to publish more links where I can find them. There is no reason to restrict the availability of the books. Right now I have links to the ebooks on the major booksellers. I may add more if I can find them. ♦

2.25.18 Good news! My ebooks are now on sale through Barnes & Noble Press (formerly Nook Press). So far I have had some sales since 2.8.18, and I have posted links on the product pages.
      Principles of Publishing In The Digital Age: 4th Edition is now up for sale in print and PDF formats.
     Work proceeds apace on Swords of The Dragon's Blood and Science Fiction Films of The 20th Century: The Early Years. I have found that there is enough space in the latter book to take the segment from before 1900 to 1940. I will cut it off there and continue with another volume as soon as I know what to call it. Later, I will worry about setting up Kindle and Nook editions where possible. Watch for further developments. ♦

2.7.18 As part of our outreach to other markets, I am trying to establish a vendor account with Barnes & Noble to post our ebooks there. I had been a member of PubIt, which turned into Nook Press, but since NP was not forthcoming with sales I closed the account. B&N rebranded the site into Barnes & Noble Press. Now, thanks to a glitch in the vendor account form, I cannot proceed without activation, and that depends on tax and banking information which must match (according to them). I tried 6 times, and each time the form rejected the same information I have been using for over 40 years. I have sent them an email explaining the problem and hopefully they will fix it. In the meantime, I am reconfiguring the files according to their specs (which are radically different from KDP) but am not putting them up until the account is verified.
     I have put Principles of Publishing In The Digital Age 3rd Edition to bed in preparation to publish the 4th edition, which will be updated with new information and more aids to publishing. I anticipate it will be published in March. Swords of The Dragon's Blood is still in the works, and other books will be published later in the Spring and Fall of 2018 as I finish them. More news later. ♦

1.25.18 This is the first post for 2018. I have been reconfiguring the book catalog so that the catalog numbers are simpler. Before, I was assigning numbers based on the year, the order of a book by series or category, and the number of the book itself based on its original publication date. Now, all book catalog numbers are based on the order of publication and that's it. It's easier to keep track of and I don't expect to publish a thousand books in my lifetime. The art prints are in the reassignment process, so I will post them on the site later.
     I am also republishing all of the books with different page counts and prices. This year I have decided to drop the 99 cents appended to each price and offer the book with an integer price. It is worth the effort because, now that I am selling exclusively online, a penny's difference does not matter.
     I hope you had a lovely holiday season, and I look forward to doing business with you in this more positive new year. ♦

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