ISBN 978-1-938752-79-7,
6x9 paperback.


Beyond Mars A novel of science fiction adventure and alien vampires. What if everything you thought you knew about human evolution was changed by a trip to Mars? In 2069 Jonathan Kraine is an archaeologist on a manned mission to the red planet, where a chance discovery of an alien visitation changes the mission's focus. Strange events force the survey team to return to Earth early. But when a deadly accident happens in space, Jonathan and his new alien friend Andru are the only survivors. The mystery deepens when they are confined at a laboratory on the Moon and must escape in order to return to Earth. When an investigation of the incident reveals key evidence that the accident was deliberately set, Jonathan and Andru uncover the perpetrators. What started out as a moment of first contact soon turns into a battle to save the future and destiny of the human race. A stand alone novel in the Heirs of The Dragon's Blood series. ♦

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