ISBN 978-1-938752-76-6,
6x9 paperback.

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Destiny's Forge An epic novel of science fiction adventure, space opera and alien vampires. In the year 2256, a stranger from another planet is headed to Earth on a quest to find an ancient enemy, who has been condemned on her world. Her ship is disabled by a meteor, and she crash lands on a remote backwater planet. There, she rescues a general named Gar'noc, who recruits her to join the Intelligence wing of the Interstellar Federation Defense Command. She winds up serving on the military starship Destiny's Forge, where the crew is haunted by murder and sabotage. Antonia Bellero becomes the catalyst for change in everyone she meets. But as she encounters a series of problems on her quest, her course is changed by destiny when the fate of two worlds is placed in her hands. Determined to honor her contract with the Council of Elders, Antonia must face her enemy, defeat him, and save a colony of her kind from discovery and destruction. A stand alone novel in the Heirs of The Dragon's Blood series. ♦

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