2021 The Adventures of Ellie and Juliet
A proposed series of children's books involving two main characters: Ellie Brader and Juliet Jefferson, who live on a quiet residential block in Everytown, Anystate, USA. Each book explores their world, and they share their adventures with other children from their neighborhood. They are always trying to solve a mystery in each book. Each book will be written and ilustrated by Theresa M. Moore, and come as standard 8.5 x 11 hardcover volumes. Other books in this series are in the planning stages.

The first title will be Ellie and Juliet Find Some Beads, which will include a short history of beads threaded throughout. Ellie and Juliet come upon a bracelet in the grass at a park, which they take to the police. The mystery is to find the owner of the bracelet and return it.

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