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BOOK:  136 pages, 6x9 paperback.
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A Pirate's Daughter A novel of tragedy, murder, revenge, pirates and alien vampires. In 1718, Charity Rakham finds herself alone when her father and fiance' are killed by the dread pirate Blackbeard and his crew. Having sworn to a life on the sea, she tries to avenge their deaths. When she is sold into indentured slavery by the pirates, she learns about life and vampires in the house she serves. But when her mistress is murdered, she manages to escape, and gains justice through her enduring courage, the love of a vampire, and a legend. ♦

About the book: When I saw "Pirates of The Caribbean: The Curse of The Black Pearl", the idea for this book materialized as part of my journey backward in time toward the origin point of the series. The film was based on the ride at Disneyland, where elements of "Treasure Island" and other themes of piracy resulted in a push by fans to produce a movie. At long last, 20 years after the debut of the ride, the movie came out, and it contained a rich tapestry of visual desserts.
     It was also inspired by the pirate films of the 1930s, 40s and 50s; films like "Against All Flags" (Errol Flynn, Maureen O'Hara), "The Crimson Pirate" (Burt Lancaster) "The Pirate" (Gene Kelly and Judy Garland), "Guns of The Black Witch" (an Italian film), and several others.
    I was also very intrigued by several documentary series about piracy of the 18th century, and discovered many historical facts about it that colored my perceptions of the difference between fantasy and real life. This is the kind of mystery which keeps my interest, and along with other facts of piracy and secret caches all over the world, inspires me to write more real history into my books.
   This novel is by no means a young adult story, so I think I should clear that up. In the 18th century adulthood came early, and children as young as 12 years old carried on their lives as adults. It is the most romantic and colorful of all the books, but I especially liked the way the whole plan came together in the plot.

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