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Destiny's Forge An epic novel of science fiction adventure, space opera and alien vampires. A stranger from another planet is headed to Earth on a quest to find an ancient enemy of the state who has been condemned on her world. Through a quirky turn of fortune she winds up serving on the military starship Destiny's Forge, where the crew is haunted by murder and sabotage. She soon learns that the fate of two worlds has been placed in her hands. A stand alone novel in the Heirs of The Dragon's Blood series. ♦

About The Book: It is based on a collection of short stories I wrote for a fan newsletter during the 1980s and 90s, in a universe which was tightly controlled and left little room for innovation. When the fan club broke up due to people moving out of town, and so on, I stored the manuscripts for the time being. I had a lot of material to work with, so at first I did not know what to do with them. Then I got the idea to rework what I had into a serious novel, and began constructing the mythology behind the book before I started. Then I edited what I had into a single story. It was rather long, so I edited and distilled it down even more over time. What is offered now little resembles the old and I have divided it into two parts so as not to bear down on the reader too much. What has changed is the scope and invention of the story. I had a book inside the novel which I never really liked, so I have taken it out and restored the story to its original flow.
     Antonia is based on the original character from the old series and has not really changed that much. She is meant to be the protagonist, but I do divert on occasion from writing from her point of view and follow some other characters. She is a strong female character, but I must say that this novel is not a feminist treatise. She more resembles the kind of women I am used to reading: Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Lara Croft, Queen Elizabeth I and others, all of whom were designed mostly by men or surrounded by men. I grew up the same way. So you will excuse me if I tend to write strong female characters.
     The novel is too complex to expand on here. Better to buy a copy and read it for yourself. It has received 5 star reviews from those who have read it.

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