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The Heirs of The Dragon's Blood series is the saga of the Xosan, alien vampires from the planet Antellus; who were once human but were transformed by a dragon's blood millions of years ago. The Xosan had visited Earth several times in history, their influence on humanity giving rise to the vampire legend. Over time some of them were marooned on Earth and made their lives in secret among the humans, changing the lives of those who were fated to become heroes in their own time. Each stand alone novel is epic adventure, science fiction, myth and history, romance, tragedy and triumph; linked together by the common theme of the vampire as hero. These are adult adventures meant for general audiences.

It begins with the 1st novel Destiny's Forge, looosely based on a previous series of short stories written in the 1980s and 90s, it take place in as real a universe as can be imagined, retaining elements of the original theme. It is pure space opera, with a female protagonist, but this is by no means a feminist novel. It begins the series by introducing characters who feature in the following novels.

The Dragon's Blood continues the saga and wraps up the adventure. Antonia and the Arkanons are determined to shut down their enemy's operations on Earth.

Beyond Mars takes us to Mars and the challenges of space exploration beyond the moon, as well as the social impact of first contact with an alien species. It is a "prequel" novel which is based on the origins of a major character in Destiny's Forge. It stars characters who unwittingly figure prominently in the future of space travel, beginning with a manned landing on Mars. It is a novel of mystery and political drama.

The Path of The Red Dragon was based on Chinese and American relations in 1984 as well as a fan interest in Chinese martial arts; and was inspired by a scene in "Rush Hour III", starring Jackie Chan.

The Queen's Marksman is an adventure to rival those of Ian Fleming or Tom Clancy; with a nod toward Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It was inspired by an article about Queen Victoria and the British Empire, as well as articles about Afghanistan and the predations of Jack The Ripper.

A Pirate's Daughter is a celebration of the legend of piracy of the 18th century, and based on actual history. There has been renewed interest in the fate of Queen Anne's Revenge, captained by Edward Teach aka Blackbeard. Several places have been mentioned where the ship is rumored to lie, and the author has crafted a clever adventure based on the most plausible so far. This is not a young adult novel, and while the protagonist is younger than 18, the novel assumes that she is an adult of the 18th century. Therefore her adventures are a real as can be imagined.

NAGRASANTI is where we look into the lives of some of the characters introduced in Destiny's Forge almost a century later. While it is mostly about a journalist, her adventures reveal the situation is more complex than she believes, as seen through the other characters. It is a novel of utopia and the threat to its existence in the 24th century.

A Journey Written In Blood is the epic 17th century travels of 2 alien vampires across the wild Eurasian continent in search of a safe haven. A literary treat for all history and fantasy lovers, the book includes maps tracing our heroes' route over land through the wilds of the Eurasian continent. This novel was inspired by numerous historical fiction books and films.

Swords of The Dragon's Blood continues that journey into France and the court of King Louis XIV, where mystery, science, magic and swordplay comes into the fore. It is in the works, with the debut coming some time in the future.

Each novel is an adventure in itself, with twists and turns you won't see coming. There is no gory or overly exaggerated bloodletting, nor is there any gratuitous sex. Each story is an exploration of the human condition, philosophical conflict, and reasoned fantasy, written to educate as well as entertain. Each book stands alone or as part of the complete set. This means you can buy one without any obligation to buy more. Try one. You won't be disappointed. ♦

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