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Our Position Concerning Ingram Spark

by Theresa M. Moore

As a serious author and publisher of books, I find that Ingram Spark barely squeaks by as a creditable printer and distributor. When I signed on with Lightning Source in 2007, I was informed that Ingram Spark was the better bet. However, recent events have shown me that they are not reliable as a publishing service. Suffice to say that if you want the gory details about their service you should talk to them, that is, if they feel like responding. They run on Chinese time, which means you may never hear from them in response to the many complaints I have read about them, and with my own experience I must say that they seem unable or unwilling to serve. They are the only service which offers world-wide distribution for free, but their record of sales is dismal at best. I cannot find out where my books were sold and when and their sales reports contain no information which is useful to me.
    I am sticking with them for now, but any trust I had in them is gone. ♦


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